General Engineering Construction With Brains And Brawn

Do you remember the days of eyeballing a 2 to 1 grade with a bulldozer? We do, but when we look at the incredible GPS technology we’re using now, it seems like a distant memory.

Many years ago we decided to invest in GPS technology before many of our competitors. Sure, it’s expensive, but the quality of engineering, efficiency and planning we’re able to pass on to our customers makes it worth every penny.

Between our hand-held rovers and the GPS heavy machine control systems, our guys can unload 10 tons of dirt directly on top of that “X” with accuracy and precision. We know exactly where we’re at anywhere on the job site without the need to waste time and energy, and your money, staking off the property. NGEC is able to give real-time updates on capacity, which keeps the engineers on schedule, therefore keeping the job on schedule. We’ll never be waiting on fill near the end of the project because we always know exactly where we’re at.

We use 3D AutoCAD models  to build TTM files, which gives us a detailed map of the job site. With that in hand and integrated into their equipment, our operators work with the efficiency of a well-engineered machine—mostly because that’s what we use.

This means no unnecessary curves in your roads (or your job schedule!) and no guesswork when it comes to your general engineering construction project.

Our reputation is built on honesty, quality, safety and keeping projects within budget and on schedule.